Since 1965, Equipamientos Técnicos Comerciales, S.A., under the brand name Ralpe, has been manufacturing and commercialising innovative solutions in power transmission for industrial application. .

Our product range includes numerous products related with transmission elements for industry application, transportation, trade, energy, and other strategic sectors. These products have been successfully and efficiently used for years by a large number of domestic and international clients.

Thanks to our broad industrial experience, Ralpe has an extensive catalogue of gearboxes (CT pendulars, special, ETCSA, worm, T&D, tandem), as well as speed multipliers and gears.

This proven track record demonstrated every day, in each and every project entrusted to Ralpe (Equipamientos Técnicos Comerciales) over the years, has earned their recognition in the different sectors dealing with transmission elements in industry, transportation, trade and energy.


Our project department will offer you the right solution to any speed and/or power transmission problem


At our premises in Zamudio we have the necessary equipment to manufacture more than 70% of our components.


The process control of all our products allows us to offer maximum quality in all our gearboxes

Ralpe Gearboxes

Special Gearboxes

Design and manufacturing of speed reducers and multipliers according to the client specific requirements, with unlimited gear trains and size.

Tandem Gearboxes

Standardised parallel and orthogonal speed reducers and multipliers, for transmissible power of up to 6,600 kW

CT Pendular Gearboxes

Robust and confronted hollow-shaft pendular gearboxes for transponder drive

T&D Gearboxes

Multipurpose coaxial gearbox and gear motor for a broad range of companies

Worm Gearboxes

Worm gearboxes with or without helicoidal pre-gear. Manufactured with highly resistant grey cast iron housing

ETCSA Gearboxes

Manufacturing of E/EB and M/MT series gearboxes and gear motors


Design, reverse engineering and manufacturing of almost any type of gear

SAT Maintenance Ralpe

We provide maintenance and customer service for all our products, as well as other brands our client may use.

Repair warranty is provided.

Sectors using Ralpe Gearboxes Ralpe Gearboxes

At Ralpe we offer solutions manufacturing gearboxes and speed multipliers in the following sectors


Engineering / Infrastructure


Proprietary Design

Equipamientos Técnicos Comerciales, S.A. (Ralpe) manufactures 70% of the components of their gearboxes and speed multipliers catalogue under rigorous quality standards at their modern facilities in Zamudio (Bizkaia, Basque Country, North of Spain). The Company is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, which attests the strict control of the manufacturing processes of the different gearboxes and speed multipliers solutions.


Decades of experience in mechanical gearboxes for industrial motors and the latest technological research and innovation enable us to provide the most appropriate power reduction solution to every kind of client.

Moreover, Ralpe’s Project Department, working closely together with their clients, design the most efficient and suitable solution to any speed and/or power transmission problem in their industrial processes.