At Ralpe we manufacture all types of gears according to the needs of each individual project. We have our own technical department who follows the client directives.


Built in case hardening steel of different types of materials, such as 18CrMo4, 20NiCr 4 and 18CrNiMo7-6. They can also be manufactured in high-resistance materials, like tempered 42 CrMo4 (+QT), with a Surface treatment of induction or nitriding tempering.

In all cases, the tooth flanks are rectified.

The breakage and wear and tear resistance calculation methods are made according to ISO 6336, DIN-3990, Agma 2001-B88/C95… etc. standards.

Precision tolerance of the cogwheel and gears follow ISO 1328 standards.

The normal modules (mn) can range from module 1 to module 30 for parallel worm gears.

The different types of gears we design include: straight-toothed, parallel helical, double helical (chevron), straight bevel, inclined bevel, bevel worm, planetary gear and worm gears.

We have a quality control process to monitor all gears.