RALPE | Proven quality in industrial gear motor solutions

Equipamientos Técnicos Comerciales, S.A. (Ralpe) has made the quality aspect of manufacturing processes one of their key differentiation elements. Our customers numerous satisfaction surveys endorse the top quality of our commercialised industrial gearboxes.

In the different gearbox and speed multipliers manufacturing processes we strictly follow all aspects of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, guaranteeing therefore the quality of the various materials used.

The quality control is carried out from the pieces design step. Later on, our metallographic lab will analyse the components and structures of the utilised materials, as well as all treatments added.

Likewise, in the verification phase, the pieces undergo several dimensional, rigor and hardness tests. Equally, the pieces are subject to non-destructive tests using ultrasound equipment, electromagnetic current, among others, in order to preserve their total quality.

Therefore, all finished products at Ralpe are subject to multiple tests and checks, assessing their performance and behaviour, and registering all results for future follow-up of the traceability of each and every piece.

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