T & D gearboxes

At Ralpe we design any type of gearbox according to the needs of each individual Project. 

We have our own technical department who follows the client directives.

RALPE  T&D Gearboxes 

T&D Gearboxes and gear motors have been designed to unify around a Standard Central Module applications that meet all of our clients’ requirements.


Gearboxes and gear motors of 2 and 3 helical spur gear trains manufactured in hardened steel and tempering, with sides of ground tooth gears. Housings and covers of high-resistance grey cast iron, solid and ribbed inside to sustain large stress and vibrations. Option to combine 4, 5 and 6 trains.
The mounting set-up is done with entry and exit shafts in line (coaxial), and similar to electric motors DIN-42950 standards.

Technical Specifications
2 and 3 helical spur gear trains.

Option to combine 4, 5 and 6 trains.