Speed multipliers

Speed multipliers

Speed multiplication is widely used in the hydroelectric and wind power industry.

The speed multipliers has the task of transforming low rotational speeds to the high speeds required by the generator.

Ralpe and Soteco speed multipliers are of the tandem type with parallel and/or perpendicular shafts.


  • Watertight and stress relieved electro-welded steel housings.
  • Helical gears in case-hardened steel.
  • Case-hardened, hardened and tempered.
  • Ground tooth flanks.
  • Slow shaft: In normalised carbon steel or treated carbon steel.
  • Spherical roller bearings designed for radial and axial loads.
    radial and axial loads.
  • Cooling: May incorporate fan and/or cooling circuit.
  • Control elements: Pressure switches, thermostats, temperature probes and other measuring systems will be installed if necessary or at the customer’s request to control the correct operation of the mechanism.